Google Android for the NetBeans IDE

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This project has been moved to nbandroid.kenai.com

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If you are a NetBeans developer you can now develop for Google’s Android SDK using your favorite IDE. Just get the plugins available in the our Download section.

Google's announcement sparked our interest and we were wondering how hard would it be to build some level of support for the Android platform in the NetBeans IDE. A couple of weekends ago we gave in and we quickly put together a NetBeans plugin (3 nbms) that offers similar functionality to what one finds with Eclipse.

What you get is being able to create NetBeans project containing applications for the Anroid platform. All the usual features of the IDE e.g. Smart Code Completion, Refactoring, Hints, etc. work. You can run the applications in the emulator and you can also debug these applications the same way you debug standard Java apps.  The plugings should work on Linux, Mac and Windows. If you just want to see how it looks like please visit the Screenshots Section.

We literally did this work before a trip to the pub; it’s not finished, polished, supported and the like – this was an experiment born out of curiosity and enthusiasm more than anything else. We don't know how much time we'll be able to devote to the maintenance of the project in the future.

Sources may be made available under some open source license at some point if we get to it and if there will be such a request. If you have any questions, feel free to post comments in the discussion section (It is a little puzzle though). We’ll respond as we can, but again don’t expect serious support.

Cheers and Happy Coding,

Brunhilde and Trudi

(C) Brunhilde & Trudi von Marktredwitz 2008